Supporting Plastic Pipelines

What is a loose pipe bracket?

A loose pipe bracket is a bracket which allows axial movement of the pipe, to allow stress free compensation of temperature changes and compensation of any other operating condition changes.

The inner diameter of the bracket should be larger than the outside diameter of the pipe to allow free movement of the pipe. The inner edges of the brackets should be free from any sharp contours which could damage the plastic. If the brackets’ inside diameter is not larger than the pipe then the bracket should not be fully tightened, thus allowing the pipe to move.

Another method is to use brackets with spacers, which also avoids clamping the bracket on the pipe.

Axial movement of the pipeline must not be prevented by fittings placed next to pipe brackets or by any other component affecting the diameter of the pipe. Sliding brackets and hanging brackets permit the pipe to move in different directions.

Attaching a sliding block to the base of the pipe bracket permits free movement of and hanging brackets are needed in situations where the pipeline changes direction and free movement of the pipe must be allowed.

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